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Windows Search (under Start Btn) - How Can I Speed Up Search Results?


You have to index, but before that will work you must edit your registry to make indexing aproximately 35% functional. Sorry, but it is. I do need to play with it a bit more and will maybe post an update later if I run into any issues or find some more cool features. juice37 says: 6 years ago Yep! his comment is here

For them, obfuscating functionality simplifies the process. After that, it's just a matter of waiting while Windows rebuilds the index from scratch. rmoore says: 7 years ago Hey n25philly, 1st, let me give you a link that will give you some insight into Windows 7 search features. For more info on showbox please refer below sites: http://showboxandroids.com/showbox-apk/ http://showboxappandroid.com/ Latest version of Showbox App download for all android smart phones and tablets.

Turn On Indexing Windows 10

The technology is designed to be secure, and your users can only see content to which they have access. It is virtually indecipherable, written by an obvious "Higher Intellect" that has no idea how to write down basic steps.What on earth is "Windows-Pause"??? Techerator is an excellent source of tips, guides, and reviews about software, web apps, technology, mobile phones, and computers.

Please rate this article using the scale below. Supports most standard document formats, .epubs included. So, Windows 7 Professional provides quick real-time indexing. Windows 10 Disable Web Search Windows 7 shows me- no results!!!

RELATED ARTICLEHow to Move Your Documents, Music, and Other Folders Somewhere Else in Windows At the very least, you might want to include the Start menu to make it easier to Windows 10 Indexing Is Not Running Find out more! Third party tools are still much faster than the native Windows Search. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.InformationAbout Contact Disclaimer Rss Feeds Privacy Policy

Win 7 opens it up; you read it, and decide that it isn’t the one that you want. Windows 10 Search My Stuff Default It isn't there. To browse the default Libraries on your computer, follow these steps: Start Windows Explorer. Can anyone help me here?

  • ander2 years ago Excuse me, but how can you use the Search box if the Search feature is broken?
  • Occasionally I do want to find a file by bits of text in the file name - but mostly I am after files which CONTAIN a text string somewhere inside them.
  • Windows 7 search is amazing (as well as Vista's) and is the primary reason I left XP (not to mention it's nearly a decade old).

Windows 10 Indexing Is Not Running

I hate windows explorer. Click "OK." Windows Search will start indexing all files based on the option chosen in the Advanced tab. 5. Turn On Indexing Windows 10 These are two very different beasts! Windows 10 Index Network Drive Next, click on the Start menu and type Search in the box.

Check those that apply. this content so you are left with a simple search for those who only do simple things. For E-Mail search in Outlook I bought the searchtool Lookeen, which works perfect and fast. If you select your "Users" folder and perform a search, the search will be almost instantaneous. Windows-pause

I have 18,000+ files in my My Documents folder, fully indexed; just moments ago I tried to search for a *.doc file of a short story I had written. I've followed all of the instructions above and from about 5 other sites, but my index won't grow above 45,000 files on the new PC. Reply Farhan May 10, 2013 at 8:22 pm Everything is awesome but it does have one downside. http://ventureforum.org/windows-10/is-it-possible-to-move-the-start-menu-search-bar.php If you have a faster hard drive that the OS is not running on, it might be a good idea to move it so that it performs faster.

The query matching isn’t verbatim, so you can just type multiple terms until you get the match that you were looking for. Windows 10 Index File Location For a full list of the file types that are natively supported, refer to What Is Included in the Index. At the top section labeled 'What to search' there are two radio buttons.

I imagine there is a reg-hack somewhere but I don't know.

At the top, you’ll see the total number of items that have currently been indexed on your computer. PiedToile says: 6 years ago First off, I'm on the 'your joking?' side. While the article didn't explain anything answering the bulk of the complaints, someone did when they said you can just add content:string to find file contents. Keyboard Shortcut Windows-pause Warbear says: 7 years ago Seriously though, how much did you get paid to write this drivel?

Step 3: Under What to search, click the Always search file names and contents radio button and click OK. We need to be able to search within our files, even if they're on a memory stick, and even if they're stored on a server. Sadly, it's also the most worthless to users. check over here Fast and extensive search options.

One Windows Explorer is open, go to the "Books" folder on the far left side of the screen or whatever the name of your folder containing all your books is called Libraries gather information from multiple locations and show this information as if it was all in a single folder. I really loved this. I then pushed it even further and just really messed up the words to see how good it was and typed, “indicondriven thoupendent” which is complete non-sense of course… but was

For example, Search may index Word document content automatically and return results when you search.Properties include metadata only which may include the file name, title or author while file contents the There is no way that such a search can be made on windows 7. Oh yeah, and here's a delightful piece of news for you: XP could search any drive attached to your computer too.