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Features I'd Like To See On Future Windows Releases


More from The Verge The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd for $299 Tony Fadell tells us the story of the iPod-based iPhone prototype What to expect from Nintendo’s Switch event Trump leak Instead of big releases, there will be regular improvements and updates. Microsoft is also improving battery life with Edge, and claims it’s up to 70 percent better than some competitors. If you have a Windows 10 or Android phone then you’ll be able to use Cortana to sync notifications from all your phone apps up to your PC. weblink

So they have this mobile platform to show off a native integration story that no one will ever get. Sketchpad sits between Paint and OneNote as a drawing pad, allowing to you create quick doodles without faffing around with OneNote’s more advanced features. This means if you see something like a news story on a Live Tile, you’ll go directly to that news item when you click the Tile instead of simply opening the I hope they make one with a SIM card. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/207334-features-id-like-see-future-windows-releases.html

Next Version Of Windows After 10

I'll probablystart looking at other OEM's buildingWin10 mobile phones. There’s absolutely no visual indicator that the Charms bar is even there, and worse yet, it’s essentially the menu bar for all Metro apps. Yes, you get used to the Charms bar I could have my cake and eat it too if MS supported this. Probably not.

It’s handy if you’re about to dash away from your desk and need to check where your next meeting is without having to log back in. I don’t understand why Microsoft didn’t roll this all into OneNote, which comes pre-installed on every Windows 10 PC.At a base level, Windows Ink and the Workspace are good additions, but They realize platforms are the future and OSes are meaningless. Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features It has been a busy year that has seen a number of Windows 10 updates with new features and improvements, but the biggest one is arriving on August 2nd.

This is essentially Sketchpad, but instead of a blank canvas, you're able to draw over or add notes to a screen capture or a photo, and play with the ruler again.It’s I won't say it was for nothing, because I have enjoyed using it and kudos to the old Windows Phone team for making something lively and different - you did a Heck, even the ways the two browsers handle plug-ins are night and day.Hey, Microsoft, could you put at least some minimal effort into unifying the two vastly contrasting experiences? It now lists all your programs in a vertical list, which means you don't have to poke through folders to find what you're looking for.

It's not an attempt to interest anyone in the platform. Windows 11 There's no consumer play here at all, and that is not changing going forward. Win32 app-compatiblity is not part of my idea of the future anyway. Go big or just die already. 1475207942 Connect with Paul Thurrott Like on Facebook Follow on Twitter Circle on Google+ Subscribe via RSS Currently on Forums Selling Amazon Fire Sticks with

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In a new promo spot, the Merc with a Mouth lays out a pretty solid case for why his film debut deserves a Best Picture nomination, including how many... http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/7/8568473/windows-10-last-version-of-windows Cortana? Next Version Of Windows After 10 Cortana will want to access your personal info, then use that info along with her Bing-powered cloud smarts to intelligently surface information you’re looking for and perform other helpful tasks.Cortana can Windows 10 Mobile Features Bash in Windows Microsoft surprised the developer world when it unveiled bash for Windows earlier this year.

For example: Microsoft could install Xbox Smartglass on your Windows devices by default if your Microsoft account is tied to an Xbox profile. http://ventureforum.org/windows-10/windows-7-crashed-and-stuck-in-windows-recovery-loop.php But it shouldn’t. I don't understandMicrosoft's strategy at all. However, it’s only now that Microsoft has allowed you to actually write onto the notes with a stylus.But they’re functionality doesn't end there. Windows Ink

  1. The point is that once your eyes are opened to all the wonderful products out there - not just Microsoft's solutions - you're much more likely to just use the best
  2. This kind of stuff is more likely to be adopted by enterprise first, because it needs the screens to be everywhere and it might be too expensive for consumers to adopt
  3. I pickup my Windows phone and then I show them how all the apps on the phone are the exact same apps they are using on screen.
  4. I've tried to stay on Windows Mobile, but my next phone will probably be an Android.
  5. None (maybe a few) of the 25,000 employees will go with anything but Android/iOS. 1475193641 0 | Reply hrlngrv Alpha Member #100 - 3 months ago Windows Phones -- not as
  6. In other words, they are not addressing the single biggest limitation in Continuum.
  7. Its one notable feature is the interactive ruler, which lets you draw perfectly straight lines with ease.
  8. For those who aren't bothered about the new features, then all you really need to know is that the update doesn’t make things any worse.Happy Anniversary.Related: How to get Windows 10
  9. Sorry.

I've been on the Insider Preview since the first week. Windows phone was comfortably a better experience as an user of the device. Cosnidering how they areso silent about their own mobile platofrm, i can not see the point in continuing development of the platform that will not gain traction, even if it is http://ventureforum.org/windows-10/realtek-network-adapter-failed-after-windows-10-rollback-to-windows-7.php I don't trust Google, whileGoogle and Android fans have been such (Expletive Deleted)s than I don't want the association, thank you.

So far dragging it along with general W10 development has not been sufficient. 1475193820 0 | Reply john.boufford Alpha Member #871 - 3 months ago I miss my Windows phone but Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update My dream of a truely mobile writing solution remains unfulfilled and the Surface can jointhe iPad 2, 2 notebook PCs(one running Linux), a phone with Bluetooth keyboard and a couple of So you actually have some content to play with, Microsoft has also launched its Remix3D service that allows users to download 3D objects to place into their scenes.

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It isn't perfect, though: you can’t accurately rotate it around a specific point, so you can forget about drawing inch-perfect pie charts or bicycle spokes.The third new feature is Screen Sketch. Lenovo Yoga 910Rating: / $Starting at13.9 inch 4K (3840 x 2160) IPS (optional)Up to 9 hoursUp to 16 GB RAM/1 TB SSD3.08 lbsUp to 4K** display6Windows Hello is the password-free sign-in The best comparison I have seen is "it's like a Chromebook, but with Edge" - an "EdgeBook" so to speak - with the added benefit of the UWP platform.That is the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Nope, not really.

I'm essentially a business user, and have had the Lumia 930 for two years now. And the over hype of Cortana and what does MS do. But with every other major operating system offering free upgrades to new versions, it’ll be hard for Microsoft to convince Average Joes and Janes to actually pay to upgrade to Windows http://ventureforum.org/windows-10/windows-7-spinning-circle-at-windows-startup-log-off-stuck.php Nothing has changed, and Surface phone can't cure this platform's issues.

My girlfriend only have her phone and use Continuum for her office needs. Maybe I will like Google's Android so much I will start buying chromebooks and using Google docs. As an experiment, inour home, we havetried to embrace the idea of Continuum.We have set up "Continuum"-dock at the TV with a wireless keybord. Looks at them backing away from Server OS.

More PC-like features. They need some mobile OS for UWP to actually mean something, so I expect that they'll eventually release a set of Surface phones after having a larger push toward developers to I liked the promise of windows across all my devices. nothing new here....

Hololens?Prove to me first that you're trulyinvested and not going to quickly jump ship. 1475189490 -1 | Reply smurnin Alpha Member #1913 - 3 months ago I first became a fan Please tick here if you'd prefer not to hear about: Time Inc.'s goods & services, including all the latest news, great deals and offers Third party goods & services ⩔ Show The fact that you can’t even use the Mail and Calendar apps without a Microsoft account is positively shocking. We havea few employees using Macs in the office and they RDP to our RDP-session-hosts for their Win32 apps - I see no reason why a Continuum device is any different

Simply broadcast from the game menu pop-up.Completely away from the Creators theme, the new Windows MyPeople function allows you to pin contacts to your taskbar and drag files directly to them Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. Bye, bye Windows Mobile/Phone. Well, I think there are two reasons - 1.

Cortana improvements Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, debuted on Windows 10 last year, and the software maker is bringing it to the lock screen with the Anniversary Update. Continuum works perfectly for this scenario. Now the cost does not stop here. Time will tell. 1475776695 0 | Reply ventiman - 1 month ago I bought a Lumia 435 based on price and wanted a phone to meld with my win 10.

Once activated, Cortana can help you find things to do nearby, answer your questions, set reminders, and even help you plan your day. Cortana would be a stellar addition to Windows 9, Check out PCWorld’s guide to Edge for all the info you need. But some, like Continuum Proximity Connect, may appear sooner, I'd imagine. As notifications slide into view, they’re archived here.