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Is there a Synaptics alternative?

MsMpEng.exe 50% hi MEM uninstall problems

IE 10 Crashes after reformat

Windows 10 upgrade problem

User accounts created but not able to logon - No user profile

BSOD while torrenting

RAM usage surges after installing

Bios RAM and Win7 RAM Discrepancy - WEI?

File system annoyance

windows 7-64bit reboot error ntosknl.exe missing or corrupt

BSOD netio.sys error

Stop windows updating a specific driver

Aero blue highlight

Once logged in I can hit ctrl alt delete move mouse but thereis freeze

Windows freezes on me

These 10 updates(only these 10) wont update.

Windows 7 Constantly Freezing - Lots of Errors in Event Viewer

Drivers Problem?

File Icons Missing or Incorrect

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD then failing to reboot.

Disabling User Account Control selectively

Ethernet stopped working after Windows Update

Update to windows 10

Windows 7 64Bit BSOD minidumps

Random BSOD first started after uninstalling/installing Arcgis

Windows not genuine locking me out.

W7 x64 - poor sound levels

I have to Refresh Desktop to see download files

Win 7 HP computer keeps dropping connect and won't reconnect

Back up failure 0x81000019


Registry is messed up and have no backup

Can I make a clean OEM install after changing my hardware

Application Window won't resize

Using Upgrade key on an Retail Install

Pin/move objects to the taskbars right side next to sys

Windows updates that apply to upgrading to Windows 10

Windows i7 horribly slow

Is it normal for IE history to log system activity/contents?

Problem in windows installation

having dont refresh problems from the desktop

Icons change size after restart

Anyone tried Windows 7 on Netbooks?

Windows reinstall & Graphics card problems after updated bios

Windows 10 Update.

Sound problem while updating

Activating a Windows 7 Retail Clean Install using a OEM Product Key

Do I need to turn off Windows Automatic Updates?

Icons and Other graphics Streaking after resuming from Standby

Change the font style in Explorer details pane

How to get rid of taskbar icon websites

Registry corrupts after restarting

Username/Password incorrect for network access to new desktop

Windows 10 nag screen

Start menu shortcut to a web page

BSOD - ntoskrnl.exe IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000a

Windows 7 Does not recognise my External HD after installing SSD

Can't Create Dive Image

My Office Icons are broken

Issue with taskbar icons

Windows 7 appears twice on the boot menu; resets updates

Two pc's in homegroup. One titled Homegroup2 the other Homegroup3?

Issue with USB Driver Z97-A

USB Composite device not recognized by my computer

Problems Ejecting device

New Install: HD Partition Question

Mousepad always active after sleep

Beware KB3101746 Crashed my Laptop & my Desktop PC

default devices

How Do I Change My Logon/ User Name

Win 10 Upgrade problem

Document folder issue


Chipset update bagged my powered usb ports

Download windows 10

Does Windows Explorer ignore drive settings?

The BIOS post suddenly started going 4x fast

How to make taskbar invisible?

Need to constantly refresh to make files go to the bin

Windows 7 crashed and stuck in Windows recovery loop

lost file ownership of computer

Windows media ceter / DNLA

Windows 7 32-bit install not showing all memory

wifi signal drop after installing windows updates?

Windows 7 Dual Boot / Move one installation / BCD?

Some startup items do not load on windows startup Windows 7 x64

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD short time after login

Windows 7 Messed up with Virus what Next

Random BOSD errors

Win 7 desktop icon text quality appalling

7 is not working after dual boot with ubuntu

Icons in menus and folders load/display slowly

Installed new Samsung 840 ssd in Win7 custom build.

Homegroup Sharing won't see new files

Wireless Network Adapter doesn't work anymore

System crash after every attempt to update Windows 7 64 bit on Lenovo

How do I change Highlighted items text colour-Win7

Screen Flashing and turning off

Shutdown-Always applying 18 updates

BSOD while trying to down load windows10

Cannot Delete Files Over Network

Windows 7 won't boot past the loading screen

How to fix wake up issue caused by power button?

Computer all of a Sudden slow and Choppy

Windows taskbar empty.

Kernel Processor Power causing computer to shut off

Windows mail (Attachments)

Windows 10 Version

Screen resolution locked

Cant get to log in screen

Windows 7 files are corrupt

BSOD after random driver crashes.

OEM VS Third-party software (MS-branded vs non-MS)

Rename boot entry?

Windows cannot find my desktop after logon

Quadraphonic sound issue with Realtek HD audio

USING RAMdisk to Ease Excessive CPU Usage


Home Premium auto shut down every 2 hours

Windows Seven Slideshow

Whats wrong with my taskbar?

Help with determining the registry entry/process causing my problems

BSOD while on desktop not on load

Taskbar glow?

NETIO.SYS DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL when shutting down system


Problem with the startbar

At what point can I re-install my hardware?

When I shutdown my PC

Windows Explorer crashes and system freezing after video card upgrade

Flashing taskbar Icons?

internet and recycle bin eraser

Standard user Registry does not prompt UAC

getting this error when trying to download the ISO

Permissions & programs

Pc lags after start orb

No audio will come out of speakers until reboot?

Internet connection dropping since I upgraded to Windows 7 Computer

My PC deactivated itself

Atheros wired ethernet connection problem

Start Menu Application List not always update

icons on taskbar changed. why so?

Upgrade help

ntoskrnl BSOD - Old system with new ssd

help! outdated graphics card with no avail drivers!

Reserved Win 10

Sudden performance stutters and buzzing audio

deselecting updates

Upgrade allows clean install?

Changing the login UI

Still have start problems

Random BSOD's and Freezes

is this a good upgrade

Computer prepped for Windows 10 but I want to retain Windows 7

Installing Windows Problems

Migrating files from Windows 7 to Windows 10 PC

Clean install without losing Intel Matrix Config

Start Menu White Background

Screen Res Problem

Can't open programs?

Resolution stuck

Service performance tweak

Non win7-sys apps open only tiny window & text

Windows 7 Sleep/ Hibernation ignores 3Dsmax rendering

USB RangeMax Wireless N Adapter constantly crashing

BSOD Windows 7 using Bootcamp on Macbook

Problem with my resolutin

PC hangs on shutdown; loses video when logging out

12 BSODs in Five Days

Unable to activate Win 7 Professional (on VMWare fusion)

Unable to activate windows. OEM key

Should I change my SSD?

Any customization tips?

Search doesn't work!

Windows 7 office 2007 update problems

Asks for Password when coming out of sleep mode

Low brightness screen when exiting hibernating mode

Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 7 - Repeated Failure

Keeps skipping login screen

Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable.

Various BSOD Errors

Can't finish windows installation\ Need help restoring backup

HD Audio over HDMI solutions please?

Pinned start menu shortcuts removed/not showing. (win 7)

Can Desktop Slideshow be disabled?

Recommended resolution issue

Multiple BSODs (IRQL and Page Fault codes)

Problem accessing boot screen after upgrade

On startup BIOS loads twice

Schedule Startup

Will restoring my computer keep windows 7?

Facing problem with dual display with window 7

DVD in Hard Disk Drives group

Problem with one of the User accounts

Freezing occurs shortly after startup no bsod just frozen

Restricting a program's network usage?

Windows Update trying to upgrade to Win10 by itself?

no boot option screen

Cannot see other homegroup on network

Folder icons appear blank

Clean install of & pro after upgrade to Win 10

my old epson dot matrix won't work with my OS

WAN in windows set to HSPDA ONLY !?

Upgrading to 64 bit. Where are color & appearance setting stored?

Sound stops when changing audio input problem

Can anyone help with this driver issue?

Random Freeze/Hang When Running Applications

Marvell Yukon Driver

Booting twice

BSOD - No changes lately?

Failure to boot - Fvevol.sys is corrupt

Cant restore system using recovery disks

Uncommanded wake from sleep yet no wake devices or wake timers exist

Windows upgrade key issues

Hibernation is not working.

korean altGr keys in windows 7 OSK

random BSOD when booting pc

Issues with Admin Rights

Win 7 PC will not allow other PC to read/write and others PC not seen

Install loop error

Screen goes into lock mode when left idle

Partial WEI: System Rating is not available

Won't start with endless reboot. Something corrupting System Reserved

Task Bar - Force docked items left.

Can't use the Windows Start button.

Asus UL80J laptop keeps getting BSOD

HTPC and Win key

Updates failing 80073712 due to corrupt manifests

Windows icon view resetting

EXTREME lag on Windows

SyncToy doesn't copy all files

Activation problem after reinstall

BSOD (new random BSOD's)

how to keep logon wallpaper same for all desktop backgrounds

recurring BSOD at random

Sound problem post install

Created a new user. 1 problem

Cannot Create Repair Disc On Asus Laptop

Help.Updated drivers still get BSOD

Hibernate does not work

Is this the right forum to discuss Win 10 upgrade problems?

How to define the times a new window blinks on the taskbar ?

Can windows appearance be changed per user?

BSOD after computer is idle

Shortcuts opening with program

Windows has wanted to restart every day for a few days now?

BSOD when gaming

Taskbar Shortcut - More than 10 possible?

0x0000001E Random BSOD

Is this info on SSD optimization for real?

Integrating UPDATES through ISO-Sneaky bloatware.

Delay (multiple refresh required) before new files display

Windows 7 doesn't like me.

Odd file at start-up

Windows backup causes major crash

Want to install fresh version on my laptop.

Couple different problems: One with AIM 7 and another with Windows 7

BSOD when I run uTorrent

How can I allow/restrict specific user's privileges?

Skydrive file date

Advantages of upgrading from Home Premium?

Windows Cleanup destroyed OS loader

No "What u Hear" recording option.

avoid a folder from being searched

Upgraded my PC; frequent BSoDs happen when PC sits

Windows Updates Messes Up Laptop

Disable EFS service

Accelerate boot process

Windows 10? Yes

Laptop wont shut down. just shows the 'shutting down' logo for hours!

Maxsize Partition Win 7 Pro

Prevent unpinning apps - taskbar context menu customization?

Mystify and other Screensaver not working

I broke the logon screen (tried to replace the system file.)

Wallpaper quality is low

BSOD On Somewhat New Computer

Change taskbar behavior


Ding-Dong Sound When Turning off Monitor

Homegroup icons screwed up!

Queries Re: BIOS Partition & SSD Maintenance

Updated SSD firmware - PC lags to connect to internet after reboot

New Build Random Shut downs No BSOD

Computer reboot - Kernel-Power (ID41)

Re-occuring bsod help

96 dpi scaling is not working properly

How do I customize the appearance of the window borders?

BSOD recurring last 4 days possible virus?

BSOD ntoskrn.exe +76e80

BSOD's starting randomly from 2nd Sep. Have happened 4 times since.

Booting into a never ending black screen.

iTunes making Win 7 crash

Intel Rapid Storage Technology not working - Windows non responsive

mapping to printer on XP machine question?

PC stopped working after hibernating.

XP only Devices won't work under Windows 7

BCDEDIT - NTLDR not found

My Computer won't go to sleep

blinking screen at boot

How to upgrade a Vaio?

Mouse keeps flickering on my screen every few seconds

My Windows 7 partition is entirely too small!

Install Windows 7 retail over OEM keeping System Recovery partition.

homegroup name

Can we stop Explorer from jumping when expanding a directory?

Sound from right side only after windows wakes up

Speakers Randomly Change volume

BSOD after logging on for around 2 minutes

Stuff missing in my Task-Bar button/app popups

Problem with Nod 32 Eset smart security 5

Lost Customization On Start Button/Start Menu

Windows does load

Help making ISO student D/L files

? make color on taskbar buttons stay on always

Reformat now or after Windows 10 offer expires?

RAM missing

Sections of desktop update only upon system reboot

MSE OOBE Event Error - Fixed

VERY high mem usage

Upgrade to Windows 10 (32-bit) without genuine windows?

Started with BSOD then PC crashes very often.

I disabled 'Speakers' in the volume mixer.

mouse question wont update settings

DVD Drive: Write Speed Too Slow

Looking to use current Win7 OEM product after Motherboard RMA

BSOD crashes on internet activity randomly

Getting Random BSODs.

Firewall: Error Code 0x800706d9

Taskbar Active Highlight Appears Behind Wrong Icon

Is it Possible to Move the Start Menu Search Bar?

[Downgrade W10 to W7] Windows 7 won't boot

BSOD pretty sure due to driver

WIN very slow

Computer will not boot past 'starting windows'

Monitor won't shut off

disassociate Notepad from the .gex files.

Windows Update 10-minute reminder. How to change through *registry*?

Windows 10 Upgrade 3035583 Issue

Cant login to my laptop only seeing login background image

Uninstall Windows 10 Reserve

Computer re-boot takes 4 minutes and not all disks found

Clean install of Windows? Factory reset?

How to change the Sound of application + Device ?

Fails to boot

Windows 10 sees 4 dimms

Windows Update Screwing With My Hard Drive

How to remove GWX?

Windows UAC question

Tools to check my computers compatability with Windows 7

Windows 7 tokens.dat CORRUPT

Windows 7 Laptop Can't Find Network After Sleeping

Dual Monitor Boundary Issue

bsod from 5mins to 30min's after start

Missing Chevrons from Network Toolbar


BSOD with online videos or windows image viewer

Sleep Issue-only monitor sleeps

Hibernate makes Windows think drive is dying

BSOD at random times caused by random drivers

Random Computer Freezes With NO Event Log Entries

Random crashes and freezes

Can't upgrade to Win10

Am I activated or not activated?

Kill off annoying 'updates ready' notification?

new buid and update or manual download?

no sounds after updating computer

Why did this icon solution work where others did not?

How can i learn my win 7 version?

Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

cpu usage 100% problem driving me crazy

Mouseclick & [enter] not recognized from login screen

Windows not starting!

BSOD about 5-10 minutes in "Page fault In nonpaged area"

Windows 7 Volume issue: No Music

i need help with upgrade install

10 windows are loading when i open browser

Wireless adapter stoping me from starting window

Spanned disks & new mobo install

Problem connecting to Win7 FROM Mac.

BSODs when computer is about to shut down. No visible error code.

Windows 7 Suspension/Hibernation Doubt

Configuring Windows Endless After Reboot

MIcrosoft websites redirecting to Windows 10 ads

disabling autoclick

Self-signed UXtheme.dll that will work with third-party themes?

Updates Disabled - Really Disabled!

Upgrading motherboard and CPU

QTTabBar and USB drives

can i not use creative drivers for my x-fi titanium?

Help me disable the taskbar button color highlight "feature".

2016 -advice to not defrag a SSD still holds win7 ?

AFTER reboot when INSTALLING Win10 it ROLLSBACK to previous OS

Got All Updates But Still No Windows 10!

weird taskbar problem

How do you un-link master volume slider from others in the mixer?

Aggravatingly Frequent BSODS

Sound Driver Problem

How to stop Explorer checking links when opening a folder?

problem with HD 4550 graphics card on Win 7

Corrupted HDD AHCI driver? Virus or unsuccessfully pushed W10 upadate?

Windows 7 Sata Raid Driver

BSOD Whilst normal usage on my Netbook running Windows 8.

Startup programs for different users

New Updates post Win 10 Upgrade

BSOD error 0x00000124 cpu - memory tested ok

No video in safe mode

Homegroup Read/Write Issue

Registry Registration error

Won't discover other computers

Windows can't find the homegroup

Default Font Size & Type Using Aero - Change?

Several BSOD with different errors

iTunes music sounds horrible on my 64bit system

After disk defrag is run

Notification Window Driving me Mad

shrink my c drive partition

BSOD 0x00000101 error code

Folders/Programs don't highlight anymore?

Need to Edit Boot Options to boot from local USB Backup File at cmd Wi

Intermittent Internet Connection After Recent Upgrade

Low resolution since upgrade to Windows 7

Need help with Homegroup

BSOD right after restarting for windows update

Win7 auto-hide Taskbar will not stay on top.

Advice to prepare Sys/Disks for Backups

BSOD while browsing the internet. System_Service_Exception

Random BSODs since Windows Update on August 13

Cant install addons / directX components

BSOD - Windows Power Kernal

Win7 to win10 upgrade error.

Can't find microsoft's office 2010

BSOD everytime i use a torrent

A Windows Re-install routine similar to XP.

McAfee AntiVirusPlus and Windows Defender

Apps lose focus

Advices in how analize and find which software is slowing windows down

Adding Icons to default location?

BSOD On Shutdown Causing Infinite Boot Loop

Administrative Privileges not recognized

Getting Random BSOD's and applications crashing

Potential Windows 7 upgrade questions

Realtek HD audio - Front jack makes cracking sound

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