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win7 random freezing and buzzing.

Windows 7 freeze happening anytime.

Computer freezing while gaming

Streaming Video freezes computer after downloading SP1

YouTube locked up computer while playing video

After PC is idle a while

Computer Freezing after Hibernation

BSOD while running certain videogames w/ sound looping

Windows 7 crashes after coming out of standby

Computer randomly crashes due to new hardware?

Random computer freezes whilst downloading

Sound looping and frame freeze during gaming

Computer freezes

Computer freezing randomly for half a second!

Random Computer Freezes

Constant system freezing

OS constantly freezing in a variety of situations!

PC Freezes sometimes.sometimes restores

Windows 7 Random Restarts and Freezes

Computer freezes (mouse works for a while before it shuts itself off)

Screen Freeze

PC randomly freezes which forces me to hold the power button.

Computer Randomly Freezes

Computer randomly freezes with buzzing sound.

Screen locks up and screech sound from speaker.

System freeze while downloading multiple files.

Buzz sound and freezing when playing games or watching videos

BSOD and Computer Locks up

Freezing at Startup

1 BSOD and many random freeze(30 sec to 1 Min)

Computer freezes when loading program

System freeze.

Problems with freezing on a new computer.

Temporary Computer Freezes

Boot Screen freezing !

Computer hangs up

System Freezes

Started having random freezes on my computer for no apparent reason

Constant freezing

Laptop screen freezes constantly / screensaver doesn't run

random freeze while streaming online video

Computer Freezes Every 5 Minutes!

PC freezes n won't load

Computer freezeswhen i enter a dvd

Computer Freezes for 1-3 mins

Desktop freeze

Windows 7 hangs if I open apps that connect to internet

Freeze problem

Random reboots and freezes

Random system freezes (possibly browser related)

Random Crashing (w/Noise from Speakers)

Computer freezes quite often.

Help. Freezing randomly.

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